Confessions of an Operatic Mute will be at the 

16th annual Hamilton Fringe Festival 

July 18th to 28th, 2019.

Briane will be confessing:

Friday July 19 - 9pm

Sunday July 21 - 3:30pm

Monday July 22 - 6:30pm

Thursday July 25 - 9:30pm

Friday July 26 - 4:30pm

Sunday July 28 - 4pm


From the Hamilton Specator - July 17, 2019

Confessions of an Operatic Mute

Canadian Comedy Award Winner Briane Nasimok remounts his celebrated show that isn't so much about singing opera as it is about celebrating stories and anecdotes about the art. It's been called, "A laugh a minute riot with poignant undertones." It's a 60-minute opera lovers comic dream come true.

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From Steel City Girl Reviews: 

"A particularly poignant moment is when he tells us that “by being mute in opera, I found my voice” which really resonates with those of us working in the industry."

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The Hamilton Fringe is also hosting Briane Nasimok and Izzy Ferguson in  Izzy and The Naz. Click HERE for a full review.

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Book a performance of Confessions of an Operatic Mute

Inspired by Briane’s first career – as a non-singing performer with the Canadian Opera Company. Over a seven-year period Briane appeared in roles ranging from a "Nubian Slave" to an “Elegant Gentlemen”, logging 287 performances without singing a note.

Sharing his successes and failures, both on stage and in romance, this comical one hour show, charts his course from the audience of the O’Keefe Centre in Toronto, when he was 8, to his adventures on tour visiting ten provinces and 38 states.

After his retirement from opera Briane went on to a career as a stand-up comic in the Yuk Yuks circuit, appearing with Howie Mandel and Jim Carrey and on A&E’s “Evening at the Improv”.

“Confessions” which previewed at the SouloTheatre Festivals in Toronto May 2013 and in Totnes, England July 2014, was remounted and improved for the Toronto Fringe Festival by Dora Award-winning director Peter Moss –

Nasimok is a very likeable performer, who had the audience eating out of his hand. The script is well-written and finely honed, as befits a seasoned Gemini-nominated writer.

He’s a charming man with charming stories and listening to Nasimok is a delightful way to spend an evening.

                                         Rose Fernandez, CBC Manitoba Aug 2014

"His borscht-belt comedy style is clearly authentically received and lends a satisfying punch to throwaway jokes and gags...this show is solidly built and nicely delivered."

                                                           Mooney on Theatre, July 2/14

"Nasimok paces the stage and narrates his life with confidence... Briane endears through this underdog narrative before winningly concluding with a transformation into the lead role."                             Jason Booker, Charlebois Post, July 5, 2014

The Mute speaks to Windsor Square : For more information on Confessions of an Operatic Mute please see our "Past Efforts" page.

Briane Nasimok, Canada's foremost Operatic Mute confessed for the Brantford Opera Guild January 19th, 2015

Thanks again to Briane and you for presenting your show for members and friends of the Brantford Opera Guild on the 19th. It was certainly informative and entertaining! It will certainly be one of the highlights of our "Discover Opera" series. We will keep you in mind for future presentations. With best wishes, David Cullen



In his brilliant one man show...

                                          Carey Bray, The Coast, Halifax's Weekly

Sometimes when someone tells me a bizarre anecdote about their lives I say to them, “That’s a Fringe Show.” Briane Nasimok’s professional career as an Operatic Mute (or Extra), which took him on a multitude of adventures, is an excellent example of how this works and his play 'Confessions of an Operatic Mute' plays at the Waiting Room as part of the Atlantic Fringe Festival. Nasimok has genuinely captivating stories, a sweetly charming personality and a gentle comedic rapport with the audience, especially when focused on self deprecating stories in his romantic hijinks and his escapades with the Extras at the Canadian Opera Company. There is a sweet vulnerability in Nasimak here, which is nicely echoed in the idea of someone who usually remains silent in the background stepping out, solo, to voice his experience.

     Amanda Campbell, The Way I See It Theatre Blog & The Coast,                                                                                Halifax's Weekly

Watch a four minute segment of "Confessions of an Operatic Mute" (Briane at the SoloTheatre Festival, Red Sandcastle Theatre, Toronto ON)

Briane's interview on Global TV (Sept 3rd, 2015):